First Race of 2017

It only seems like I was racing just the other week, but in reality it's been a long, hard 5 months. A great deal has changed in that time including the weather, which was now supposed to be getting better, but Scotland somehow manages to always deliver a cold, wet and windy weekend for us!

Fresh 2017 Madison Kit looks the part | @cultmedia Image

Practice day was unreal, all the lads were back racing and everything was just feeling and looking sick plus the track was one of the best that The Scottish Downhill Association had put on at Ae in the past few years. Linking the old BDS top section into some fresh, wet and techy sections towards the bottom I couldn't wipe the grin off my face all weekend! 

The big double towards the bottom was rad to hit, I could have sessioned it all day!  | @cultmedia image

Even though uplifts running slow, due to a major hiccup, practice day was a belter and there was without doubt some sketchy moments. 

Race day soon came around and I couldn't be more stoked to get on track in the pouring rain. It had chucked it down all night, making the track faster, surprisingly grippier and actually more fun!

First run down I took a face full of mud, but I had to laugh it off and take the mick out of myself in front of the lads...  

This is slightly deceiving on how bad the weather was haha! | @descentworld / @tommyawilkinson Image

It was time for the big show, well... not as big as Lourdes in a few weeks but it was big enough to kick start things haha. I just wanted to lay down a smooth and safe run to see what I was up against and sh$t it was tight for a few of us. Henry Kerr (@henry_ker) was on fire putting a good 3 seconds into us. Definitely some work to be done there...

Well, second runs came around and I didn't want to push for the win and make any stupid mistakes before the WC season, so another smooth run down would keep a solid time only going 0.2 seconds faster placing me 2nd in finals which I was pretty stoked about.

It feels good to be back in-between the tapes and racing again. The long winter is over and we can finally get into full swing of the season again.

I couldn't be happier to have @saracenbikes, @madisonclothing & Will Longden looking after me for the 4th consecutive year, Cheers guys! 


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